Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mango Kesar Salad

Last week end I had been to Lalbaugh Mango Show.I was totally attracted by Juicy and colorful Mangoes.They exhibited best Mangoes and Jack Fruit grown in Karnataka.I came across around 100+ Mango varieties,and impressed to buy Alfonso.

Lalbaugh Mango Show:

After returning to home, I tried Mango Salad and here is the recipe.

Mango Kesar Salad:

You need to have:

2-3 Juicy Alfonso Mangoes
10-15 Resins
10-15 Chestnuts
2 tbs Sugar/Honey
3-4 kesar studs

Alfonso Mangoes:

First wash Mangoes. Then remove outer cover of the mango with the help of a sharp knife. cut mango into small cubes.

To the chopped mangoes add raisins, cachews ,sugar and Kesar studs. Keep this in refrigerator
for an hour. Serve chilled. Sugar can be replaced with Honey.This can be served with scoop of vanilla Ice-Cream.

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