Friday, October 16, 2009

Navrathri Special(Gombe Habba)

Sorry guys! It been long time and I did not turned to update any thing in my blog.I was awaiting to update regarding Navrathri from Long time. Its my faviourate fest from my childhood.

Navarathri –(Nava Rathri) 9 nights. Durgashtami,Mahanavami,Vijaya Dasami are very important days out of 9 Days. always brought me an incredible experience always. Arranging the dolls, inviting people to visit home, sharing Husali,Gombe Bagina- a specialty of Navarathri, singing , its all such a great festival.

Dolls arrangement requires lots of interest to unpack the dolls, arrange the dolls, entertain the guests , repack the dolls and store them properly to prevent breakage, because most are mud dolls.

It brings great pleasure to me and Mom in arranging dolls for Navrathri. Mom prepares "Gombe Bagina"(Chakuli,Dose,Kadubu,Holige,Ambode etc which are small in Size) for kids. Its a must thing that needs to be done for all 9 days.

This time for Navrathri we visited our parents. I would like to share few pics of Mom's Doll arrangement.She has lot of collections, Dashavathara,Asta Lakshmi,Brahmotsava Set, Lakshmi Pooja Set, Kargatum set,Marriage Set, Village set are few amongst them.

Bramhaostava Set:

China Doll:

Swami Vivekanada:

Village Set(Womens playing Pagade):

Village Set(Former on his bullock cort ):

Marriage Set:

Lakshmi Pooja Set:

Kargatum set:

Hunter and his wife:

Merchents(Man is selling grocery where as women is selling utensils):

Some more additions of year  2010. 

Lakshmi,Saraswathi and Durga Devi:

Lava kusha Set:
Astha Lakshmi Set:

Kashmir Ki Kali:

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