Sunday, July 5, 2009

Avrekalu Mixture

This is an snack item available in all bakery's of Bengaluru.It is usually prepared in the month of December (Avrekalu Season).Some how I got avrekalu today in market and prepared it. So here it goes.

You Need to have

1 cup Flat Benas / Avarekalu
1 cup Ground Nut/Kadle bija
1 cup Dalia Split/Kadle Pappu
2-3 Curry leaves/Kari bevu
1 cup dry coconut pieces /vana kobri
2-3 dry chilies
1 tbs red chilly powder/Mensina pudi
1 tbs salt/uppu
Oil for deep frying.

Remove outer cover of avrekayi. Put avrekalu into a vessel containing water and leave it for 3-4 hours. After that take out the skin from each avrekalu.(put each avrekalu between your fingers and press).Once done spread it on tissue paper to remove excess water.

In a frying pan heat Oil for deep frying.Add avrekalu to pan and deep fry it for around 10 mins. Take out and spread it on tissue paper to remove excess oil.

In another pan add 2 tbs oil and fry ground nut , dalia split and fry for 3 mins. add dry coconut pieces and fry for another 2 mins. finally add curry leaves and read chilies. Add fried avrekalu to this mixture. Sprinkle salt and chilly powder and mix well.

This should be preserved in a air container in order to retain the crispness of the mixture.

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Madhan BU said...

I tried this.... very usefull... please keep on updating with new recipes


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