Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Southekayi Melara

1 cup fresh butter milk/majjige
2-3 green chilies/ hasi menasu
1 pinch turmeric powder/arisina
1 medium size mangalore southekayi
1 pinch red chilly powder/kaharada pudi
1 tbs salt/uppu
1 tbs fenugreak seeds/ menthya
1tbs mustard seeds/sasive
2 cups grated coconut/tengina kayi

Cut cucumber into pieces as shown in below image after removing seeds form it.Actually my mom-in-law removes even out skin of the cucumber but I like it with the outer skin.

Put cucumber pieces into cooker container add add pinch of turmeric ,red chilly powder and pressure cook it for 2 whistles

Mean while,put grated coconut and chilly into mixer jar and make a fine paste of it and keep it aside.

Once pressure goes off, transfer cucumber into another vessel and add coconut , chilly paste to it. put it on fire for 3-4 mins. After that add butter mil and salt to it. bring it to boil and  simmer it  for 5-6 mins.

Finally, heat 1 tbs of oil in tadka kadayi. add mustard seed , fenugreek seeds. once start spluttering, add it to melara.fenugreek seeds gives nice aroma to melara.(got this tip from my MIL)

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