Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pundi(Rice dumplings)

Here is the simple recipe for a tasty breakfast "Pundi". Again its a Manglorean recipe which has got lots and lots of versions.The recipe which I am posting today, I got it from my MIL. Its a favorite food for me and H.

Pundi with Basale Samabar is great combo. So Just try this and fall in love with it and share your experience with Pundi later.

You Need to Have:

3 cups of Parboiled rice/Kuchilakki
1 cup Coconut
5-6 cups water
Salt - as per taste


Soak the rice in water overnight.

Parboiled rice can be replace with regular rice also. Parboiled rice will not give that richness felling of regular rice and also it is good for health.

Grind the socked rice with water and coconut in a mixer/grinder to the size of small rava just like we do for idli as show below:
Now add salt and the water to mixture . transfer into a heavy bottomed pan.

Keep stirring.Let the flame be medium and Keep stirring from the bottom.

It will take about 7-8 mins to a single mass and the consistancy should be enough to roll out into small balls.Turn of the flame.

Make small balls out of cooked rice mixture .
Transfer them to cooker and cook or steam just like idli for 30-35 mins.

It can be served with any type of Smabar, chutney or with just oil(Coconut oil) and pickle...

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