Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seven Cup Dosa

My Dosa Making skills,I can rate 4-5 out of 10. My mom used to prepare dosa very rarely during my childhood/school days.Hence I didn't had much knowledge about dosa preparation.

I like thin crispy Dosa like the restaurants, So We used to visit nearest hotels for Dosa when we crave for one.Masala Dosa, set dosa, onion dosa, plain dosa are the few ,which used to be visible in the menu.

Once I got married, I came to know that My MIL is the best Dosa maker.She knows to cook more than 50 different types of dosa. Since my husband is dosa lover I had to learn dosa preparation from my MIL. I think I can never prepare dosa like her.

Recently when we visited them she introduced me to Seven Cup Dosa. It was thin, crispy and tasted great with onion chutney. Once i returned, I gave a try and turn out really well. so would like to share the recipe with you all.

You need to have:

1 cup Rice
1 cup wheat
1 cup urad dall
1 cup channa dal
1 cup puffed rice
1 cup green gram
1 cup curd
2 tbs salt


Rice, wheat, urda dal, channa dall and puffed rice has to be taken in same measurement. (1 cup each).

Grind all the 6 ingredients into fine powder and transfer it to bowl. Then Add one cup of curd to this and make a paste(one cup of curd is enough). Adding more curd will spoil the recipe.

Let it rest for 10 mins, then add salt and stir well.Add water to get correct dosa batter consistency.

Heat tava, put 1 tbs of oil/ghee. I would prefer to use iron tava than non stick tava. Dosa really comes out well in iron tava. (Another tip which I got from my MIL).In fact I got iron tava from her.

Put spoonful of dosa batter on tava and spread it to think circle. close the lid and cook it for 1 min. turn to other side and cook it for 1 more min.

Serve with any kind of chutney. It tastes great with onion chutney.

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