Friday, January 14, 2011

Alsande Taalu/Alsande Palya/Long Beans Sabji

You Need To Have:

20-25-Manglore Alsande/Long Beans
1 tsp red chilly powder/ achha menasina pudi
1 tsp turmeric powder/arsina pudi
2-3 tsp tamarind juice/hunse huli
1-2 tsp jaggery powder/bella
salt to taste
1/4-cup grated cocnut/tengina kayi turi
1 tsp-Blackgram Seeds/uddina bele
1 tsp Mustard Seeds /sasive
5-6 Curry Leaves /karibevina soppu


Wash alsande under running water and chop them finely. Take this finely chopped alsande in cooker container and add water,chilly powder, turmeric , salt, jaggery powder and tamarind water. pressure cook this for 1-2 whistles.

Once the pressure goes off, shift cooked alsande to another pan and dry excess water.Add coconut and mix it well and simmer for 1-2 mins.

Finally take oil in takda pan,add mustard seeds. once it starts spluttering add black gram and curry leaves.fry it till black gram turns to golden brown and add it to alsande palya.

serve with white or brown rice.(I and H will just enjoy with hot rice and cocnut oil/ghee).

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