Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gulab Jamun

You Need To Have:

Instant Gulab Jamun Mix(MTR preffered)
Sugar/sakkare(Equal measure of water)
water/niru (Equal measure of Sugar)
5-6 tbs Whole Milk/halu
Oil  to deep fry/enne
2 tbs cardamom/elakki
Rose water


For Sugar Syrup:

Boil water in thick bottomed pan/ vessele and bring it to boil.
Add Sugar to it and stir welll until thick syrup is formed.(This would take around 20 mins).

Note: Best way would be to follow the directions given on Jamun pack.Its really difficult to judge individual taste. So better to customize sugar syrup according to own taste.

Making of Jamuns:

Take Jamun mix in a mixing jar add 2-3 tbs of milk to begin with and start kneading the dough.Add more milk if required to get required consistency.
Put this dough in fridge or cover wet cloth and set it aside for 20 mins

Make round balls out of dough(Round,Oval any shape of your interest).

Heat oil in wok for deep frying. Once oil is heat deep fry the jamuns till they turn dark brown in color.
Make sure you fry them in really low flame.

Add cardamom and rose water to sugar syrup.Pour all the jamun balls into sugar syru.Let that to set for an about hour so that all the jamuns suck sugar syrup and become soft.

Serve them along with syrup.

Its best enjoyed with vanilla ice cream. Yummy:)

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Mina Joshi said...

These look superb. Nice and simple way to make gulab jamuns. I haven't tried out the ready packs as yet.

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