Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Andhra Thali

Avakkai ,Gongura pachadi,Gun powder , Pappu,kura etc etc.... with Rice.Yes I am talking about Andhra Thali. Yummmm its such a favourite food of ours. Tough I am not from Andhra Pradesh I am great fan of Andhra veg thali. I was introduced to Andhra food from H as he used visit "Nandhini" (Quite famous in Bengaluru for Andhra Food) in his bachelor days.

Varities of pickles and chutneys are popular in Andhra cuisine. As we all know Andhra is called as "Rice Bowl of India". may be that's the reason Rice is staple food at Andhra.

Coming back to My Andhra thali, I tried pappu and kura. Served with some pickle and papad to go with Rice. It was simple but believe me we enjoyed it so much.

Below is the list of recipes which I prepared:

1.Simple Tomato Pappu
2.Raw plantain subji

And I served it with available pickle( I didn't find avakkai or gongura pachadi at indian groceries).

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